Chocolate Coast  have a selection of chocolate fountains and illuminated surrounds to choose from and are able to cater for events from 20 – 600 plus guests.  The Chocolate Coast standard packages include:

A small, medium or large  chocolate fountain

Illuminated surround – colour coordination available

 Free flowing Belgian  chocolate thoughout the event

3 hours of serving time excluding set-up and dismantling time

 Friendly, fully trained professional operators to assist and maintain the fountain

Napkins and skewers

A wide selection of freshly prepared dipping items to choose from (Please see below for chocolate and dipping item suggestions)

Chocolate Coast all inclusive package including one large fountain costs form £449.  For example:

  £399 for 100 guests

£449 for 150 guests  

£499 for 200 guests 

For further information or a personalised quotation, please contact us on:
07769 200713


Dipping Item Suggestions

 Fruit selection: Strawberries, banana, grapes, fresh pineapple, melon, mango, kiwi

 Delicious fresh bakery dips: Mini donuts, chocolate brownies, decadent cream profiteroles, pink wafers, mini gingerbread men

 Naughty sweet treats: Marshmallows, jelly babies, Turkish Delight, foam bananas, vanilla fudge

 Chocolate options:

Our most popular chocolate option is the Belgian Milk variety. We only use the finest Belgian brands of Callebaut or Belcolade that contain a minimum of 35% cocoa solids and we never add oil to it.  A dairy free or ‘true chocaholics’ choice is the rich Dark chocolate. If you fancy something unique, why not consider the sweet White chocolate available in a number of colours including: Pink, orange, blue, red, green, yellow, lilac and black.


Contact us to discuss your personal preferences or the flavoured chocolate option on 07769 200713 Alternatively use the contact form above.