Mad as Hatters at Hen Party

On a snowy Saturday evening in February Chocolate coast headded  into Hampshire. We arrived at a beautiful house near Guildford with it looking like a Christmas card! It was surrounded by snowy trees and a snowy drive, it seemed a shame to drive over it! Our chocolate fountain was to be used by 16 girls having a at home hen day. We were asked to source ‘hen night’ shaped dips which we did, even staying  late baking ‘hen night’ gingerbread shapes!  The theme of the hen day was Alice in Wonderland with the girls dressed up approatiley. They had a lovely day starting with champagne breakfast served by ‘Butlers in The Buff’. The Chocolate Fountain was a surprise for the hen who was dressed as Alice and after they had feasted on homemade pies, they all came into the room in which we were hiding and got stuck in. The warm milk chocolate fountain was very well received, our special dips being covered and eaten! Very soon it was all over, everyone had eaten their fill and it was time for the hens to move onto their next activity, games! We discreetly packed up and left with the girls striking with laughter at their fun. A great evening.

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