Chocolate Fountain and Candy Palm Trees are a sweet sucess in Winchester

Recently the Chocolate Coast Team were invited to Samira and Raj  wedding reception in Winchester. The hall was beautifully decorated in pinks and mocha, making our milk Chocolate Fountain a perfect match! The bride and groom spent a long dime choosing their theme and decorations and to match this theme they chose two of our Large Fruit Palm Trees AND one of our Large Candy Palm Trees! The guests were stunned when they walked into the  themed reception hall and made quick work of tasting all we had to offer! The children (and some adults) were immediately drawn to the Candy Palm Tree, covered in hundreds of the classic favourite sweets, including foam bananas, giant strawberries and jelly lizards! Some of the healthier guests chose the fruit palm tree, covered in around 350 pieces of freshly chopped fruit like satsuma’s, watermelon and kiwi fruit. The Bride and Groom had first “dip the fountain, each choosing a freshly sliced strawberry! The other guests tucked into all 3 delightful desert options, leaving hardly anything as we were due to pack up! They spent the night dancing off the calories they had eaten to the music from the fantastic DJ!

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